In Denmark, high-altitude unmanned balloon activities, referred to as “unmanned free balloons”, need to be registered with the Danish Transport Authority, Trafikstyrelsen. The process is governed by the Standardized European Rules of the Air Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012, retained and adopted into Danish national air law as SERA Vo. While it may seem daunting, the process is straightforward. Start by reaching out to Trafikstyrelsen to get the necessary application form. You’ll need to provide details such as launch location, launch window, and equipment specifics.

Contact information for Trafikstyrelsen:

Edvard Thomsens vej 14, 2300 København S, Denmark

Phone: +45 7221 8800

Fax: +45 7262 6790


Remember to allow ample time for the application process to accommodate any possible queries, particularly if this is your first submission. Often, there are cut-off dates requiring the application to be submitted to the authority two to three weeks before the planned launch window.

Insurance for Your Weather Balloon in Denmark:

For your weather balloon launch permit application in Denmark, it's mandatory to have aviation liability insurance to cover potential personal injury and property damage. To secure weather balloon insurance in Denmark, use the following resource:

- Weather Balloon Insurance from AXA.