Probe arrangement

After you have closed and anchored the ball on the ground, you can start preparing the final details for the launch.

  1. First, the probe's power supply must be turned on to power the on-board computer and, if present, the Flying Lab base module or video camera that will be used to record the flight.
  2. Next, you can connect to the dashboard of the on-board computer via a mobile device or laptop computer to monitor the probe tracking in real time.
    It will be possible to view the first GPS coordinates and probe positioning on the map, a sign that the Da Vinci Caelum is ready to set sail for the skies.
  3. In the Flying Lab module section, if mounted, the first sensor telemetry will be visible.
    These data will be collected throughout the probe's flight and will be available for later scientific analysis.
  4. If you also chose to use a video camera, you will need to start image recording, to capture the most significant moments of the probe's flight.
  5. Once everything is ready, it will be possible to close the probe by screwing on the special hook, which will seal Da Vinci Caelum and protect its electronics.