What you'll find inside the box


The figure of Leonardo da Vinci has inspired many generations of scientists and inventors around the world.
With his extraordinary artistic and scientific abilities, he brought to life many of the inventions we now consider fundamental to human progress, including the parachute and the aerial screw.

But not everyone knows that Leonardo also had an idea for an ogival-shaped projectile, with an aerodynamic design that would have allowed it to fly farther and faster.

This design inspired the Involve Space team to create the Da Vinci Caelum probe, which features a shape similar to the one envisioned by Leonardo.

The Da Vinci Caelum probe not only incorporates Leonardo's artistic and scientific legacy but also represents a true technological innovation in the field of stratospheric flights.
Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, the probe boasts unprecedented efficiency.
This unique design also allows for a controlled and safe re-entry to Earth, enabling the retrieval of data collected during the flight.

In essence, the Da Vinci Caelum probe represents the perfect fusion of art and science, bridging the past and the future.
Thanks to its design inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, this product can provide advanced technical solutions and revolutionize the field of stratospheric flights.

Aerostatic balloon

Hot air balloons are made up of an envelope made of latex or rubber, which is filled with a lightweight gas like helium to carry a payload.

Once the balloon is filled with gas, it is released into the atmosphere and ascends to the desired altitude.

Meteorological balloons are a crucial tool for collecting meteorological and climatic data and are used worldwide to enhance our understanding of the atmosphere.

On-board computer

The onboard computer and power supply are crucial components of the Da Vinci Caelum kit, as they allow for monitoring and tracking the positioning of the probe and the hot air balloon through a ground-based dashboard.

This functionality is extremely important for the recovery of the probe, as it allows for tracking the path of the stratospheric balloon and the probe during the flight, and easily locating them upon landing.

Thanks to this information, users can analyze and evaluate the results of the mission, making the Da Vinci Caelum kit a valuable tool for scientific research and experimentation.


The parachute is a fundamental component of the Da Vinci Caelum kit to ensure safety during the probe's re-entry phase to the ground.
Once the desired altitude is reached, the hot air balloon expands to its maximum size, bursting, and at that point, the probe is released to begin its journey back to Earth.

Thanks to the parachute, the probe is brought back in a controlled and safe manner, ensuring the recovery of both the probe and the data acquired during the mission.
Without the parachute, the probe could suffer irreparable damage during the re-entry phase, making the recovery of data and materials impossible.

Helium distributors list

Helium gas is used to inflate the stratospheric balloon, which in turn allows the ascent of the probe into the stratosphere.
It's a colorless and odorless gas, non-flammable, completely safe, which is introduced into the balloon through a pressure reducer and flow regulator, both of which can be obtained and rented from distributors.

The list of distributors provided in the booklet or on our website is an essential resource for kit users, as it allows them to easily obtain the necessary helium gas for the launch in rental cylinders without any complications.

Furthermore, the selected distributors are part of the commercial network of SIAD S.p.A., the long-standing supplier of Involve Space, chosen based on their reliability and the quality of service they provide, thus ensuring our customers a safe and efficient helium gas purchasing experience.


Some of the accessories for Da Vinci Caelum include:

  • Inflator for balloon inflation
    A 3D-printed prototype flexible hose by the Da Vinci Caelum team, allowing for the adaptation of the balloon neck to the helium cylinder regulator.
  • Balloon closure kit
    Tarp tape and self-locking cable ties.
  • Kit for connecting sectors: balloon, parachute, probe
    contains cables, rings, carabiners