Launch preparation

To prepare for launch, you will need to make sure you have received your flight clearances.
The NOTAM, the formal document issued by the relevant agencies, will be delivered directly to you by Da Vinci Caelum at the email address indicated above, a few days before the first launch date of the indicated time window, consistent with our team's receipt of it.

The allowable time window is a maximum of 10 consecutive days.
Da Vinci Caelum's form will not, however, allow the inclusion of a time window whose first launch date does not have at least 25 calendar days' notice, a timeline required by the relevant agencies.

If multiple launches are desired, it will be possible to do so in the same authorized time window without new requests.
Where other time slots for making new launches are assumed, it will instead be necessary to fill out the form again with the same requirements as described above.