Balloon closure

The closing phase of the balloon is crucial to ensure its stability during flight.

  1. First of all, it is important to anchor the ball on the ground to prevent it from accidentally getting loose.
  2. Once the flask has been placed securely, the neck should be tightened and closed with two self-locking clamps.
  3. This step requires precision and care, as the neck of the balloon is extremely delicate and fragile.
  4. It is essential to fold the neck back on itself by inserting the provided iron ring in the center so that the two ends overlap, and apply two more self-locking ties.
  5. To prevent the protruding parts of the clamps from creating damage to the flask, the excess part should be carefully cut off flush with the head.
  6. For added security, you can wrap the neck with a couple of turns of cloth tape over the ties, creating an extra layer of protection.